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Democrats Demand Action on Access to Health Care

Posted by on Dec 4, 2014

Media Statement


For Immediate Release: December 4, 2014


Contact:          Elizabeth Roberts, Media Coordinator

Utah House Democratic Caucus

801-835-7087 | lizabeth.verse@gmail.com


Democrats Demand Action on Access to Health Care


Salt Lake City- Democrats in the Health Reform Task Force today are asking their Republican colleagues to support action that would close the health care coverage gap left open by the state’s refusal to expand Medicaid. Healthy Utah, the Governor’s Medicaid expansion alternative, was revealed in the task force meeting and presented to the committee as a whole.


House Democratic Assistant Whip, Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck, spoke about the potential plan, saying “The information shared today regarding increased projected numbers of potential enrollees seems to apparently give some legislators on our Health Reform Task Force extreme heartburn.  This is merely a new red herring, in my opinion. There will always be some variability in projections…something that other expansion states have been able to absorb and which have been offset by numbers of reduced emergency room visits and increase in appropriate utilization. Let’s not mimic Washington and its continued policy paralysis.  We can do right by our citizens who have paid into the system and deserve coverage.”


“This is no longer about saving face – it’s about saving lives. The time to act is now.  We have the numbers we need, and every month that is proposed for more research or more information puts Utahns lives at risk. The Governor has negotiated, in good faith, with the federal government to bring back Utah’s taxes to the state. The plan is written. It is time for the Legislature to prove how different we are from Washington, and to move on this issue – protecting Utah’s working families.”



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Job Announcement: House Minority Caucus Communications Coordinator

Posted by on Dec 1, 2014

J o b  A n n o u n c e m e n t


SALARY RANGE : Negotiable: $10.00 to $35.00

APPLICATION PERIOD : December 1, 2014 – December 10, 2014

AGENCY : House of Representatives, Minority Caucus

LOCATION : Utah Capitol, Room 400

BENEFITS : No Benefits



The Coordinator will work full-time during the General Legislative Session and part-time as
needed during the interim period, under the direction of the House Minority Leader, to
coordinate and maximize print and electronic exposure and coverage. The Coordinator will
work closely with caucus members, members of the media, advocates, lobbyists and stakeholders
involved with the legislative process. The Coordinator will participate with leadership team on
message development.


Work under the direction of House Minority Leadership; develop issues strategy, media plan,
and messaging; organize press briefings and press contacts; work with caucus members to
develop and coordinate communications on their specific issues; maintain and update the House
Minority web site and blog, and social media; build rapport with members of the media; organize
media needs and provide public relations services, as needed.


Knowledge of or skills/ability to media production, communication, and dissemination
techniques and methods including alternative way to inform via written, oral, and visual media;
deal with and interact with people in a professional manner including those from diverse
backgrounds; enter, transcribe, record, store or maintain information in either written or
electronic form; evaluate information against a set of standards; communicate information and
ideas clearly, concisely and effectively, both verbally and in writing; grammar, spelling and
punctuation skills; plan, organize and prioritize time and workload in order to accomplish tasks
and meet deadlines; advocate and defend administration and agency policy with the news and
other public media to include determining media strategy, writing press releases, and presenting
information to wire services and reporters; ability to handle assignments of a politically sensitive
nature on a confidential basis.


Bachelor’s degree in journalism, public relations, political science, or related field or equivalent


Two years of experience working with the media and/or public relations.

Jen Jankowski, House Minority Administrative Assistant
Utah House of Representatives
350 N. State Street, Suite 400
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114

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Your New 2015 Leadership Team is…

Posted by on Nov 19, 2014

Media Statement


For Immediate Release: November 19, 2014


Contact:          Elizabeth Roberts, Media Coordinator

Utah House Democratic Caucus

801-835-7087 | lizabeth.verse@gmail.com


House Democrats Elect New Leadership


Salt Lake City- House Democrats elected new leadership tonight, choosing Representative Brian King from House District 28 as Minority Leader, Representative Rebecca Chavez Houck from House District 24 as Minority Whip, Representative Joel Briscoe from House District 25 as Minority Assistant Whip, and Representative Patrice Arent from House District 36 as Minority Caucus Manager.


Newly elected Leader Representative King said, “The people of Utah need to know what Democrats stand for, what we believe in. Our values are Utah values. Our children are our priority. Keeping Utah beautiful for them, giving them clean air to breathe, and making sure their education is top notch is what we strive for. We will work to provide them with opportunities in business, access to healthcare, a livable wage, and to be self-reliant. Our voice and our team are spirited and strong – we will stand for these values.”


Outgoing Leader Representative Jennifer Seelig said, “The caucus is incredibly strong. I am so proud to have served with these people, and I know they will all work their hardest for Utah.”


The new leadership team will officially begin their service on January 1st, 2015.



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Demand Action on Campaign Finance Reform

Posted by on Nov 19, 2014

Media Statement


For Immediate Release: November 19, 2014


Contact:          Elizabeth Roberts, Media Coordinator

Utah House Democratic Caucus

801-835-7087 | lizabeth.verse@gmail.com


House Democrat Demands Action on Campaign Finance Reform


Salt Lake City- Democratic Representative Brian King called again for campaign finance reform in state politics today during the Interim Governmental Operations Committee meeting this afternoon.


Representative King said, “It’s time. Utahns are sick and tired of their interests being passed over in favor of the highest bidder. We need to return to being of the people, and the best way to do that is to limit the amount of cash poured into these races. People who vote need to know that their vote counts, that it matters, and that their elected officials are there to represent them, no one else. If we want to increase community participation, the process needs to have some integrity.”


Representative King’s bill would limit political action committees, corporations, labor organizations, and individuals on how much they can donate to races from school board to political parties. The bill is also indexed to inflation, and would clarify sources of revenue for candidates and other organizations. The 2014 General Session version of this bill failed the house by only three votes.



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Firing Squad an Option in Utah?

Posted by on Nov 19, 2014

Media Statement


For Immediate Release: November 19, 2014


Contact:          Elizabeth Roberts, Media Coordinator

Utah House Democratic Caucus

801-835-7087 | lizabeth.verse@gmail.com


Utah Death Penalty Plan B is Unreasonable


Salt Lake City- Democratic Representative Mark Wheatley opposed a bill that would create a firing squad as a back up to lethal injection forms of the death penalty.


Representative Wheatley said, “This solves nothing. We are going backward here, in Utah, when we should be making progress. This is not a proactive approach, this is reactionary. We are not proposing real solutions, we are hiding behind outdated and ineffective policies.”



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Election Day Voter Registration to Help Seniors as well as Young Adult Voter Turnout

Posted by on Nov 4, 2014

Media Statement


For Immediate Release: November 3, 2014


Contact:          Elizabeth Roberts, Media Coordinator

Utah House Democratic Caucus

801-835-7087 | lizabeth.verse@gmail.com


Election Day Voter Registration to Help Seniors as well as Young Adult Voter Turnout


Salt Lake City- Election Day Voter Registration in five Utah counties is projected to help voters of all ages participate in Tuesday’s electoral process. The pilot program, passed during the 2014 legislative session, allows potential Utah voters to provide identification and cast a provisional ballot if they find they are not properly registered in their area.


House Democratic Assistant Whip, Representative Rebecca Chavez Houck, authored the legislation and has been championing its potential benefit to increase voter participation in a state where turnout for elections is regularly low. She said, “Providing this failsafe is so important to promoting future participation of new Utah voters. For me, voting is the most intimate and impactful means of articulating your authentic voice in how your government is run.”


During this year’s primary elections, Election Day voter registration in Salt Lake County helped a striking number of voters over 70 years old, beat only by voters age 18 – 25. Potential voters in Salt Lake, Davis, Weber, Kane, and Sanpete counties can take an up-to-date driver’s license with their current address, Utah state issued ID, or other primary forms of ID to their polling place, request a provisional ballot and vote. The vote will be counted in the final canvass, after eligibility has been established. If a voter’s identification does not have their current address, they will be required to provide two forms of secondary ID.



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Representatice Rebecca Chavez Houck Recognized by the Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Posted by on Oct 21, 2014







Contact:  Olga de la Cruz, SVP of Business Development

Utah Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

1635 S. Redwood Rd.

Salt Lake City, UT 84104

Phone:     801-532-3308

Email:      olga@utahhcc.com

Date:        October 16, 2014





Leadership Presence: Courage & Confidence as Women Leaders 

Salt Lake City – October 16, 2014 - The Utah Hispanic Chamber of

Commerce (UHCC) is proud to invite you to join us at the UHCC Annual

Women’s Leadership Conference taking place on Tuesday, October 21. The

conference will be held at the Utah Cultural Celebration Center located at

1355 W 3100 S, West Valley City, UT 84119.


The Women’s Business Leadership Conference is Utah’s premiere

professional business development event for Hispanic women, attracting more than 250 business owners, executives and community leaders. The

mission of this half-day conference is to empower women business owners and professionals by providing the necessary resources and tools to further

women in business and improve their lives.


Themed “Leadership Presence: Courage & Confidence as Women Leaders,”

the annual conference will feature speakers for a morning of inspiration,

empowerment, education, trade and networking. Topics include, paths to

building success, business planning, managing finances, and entrepreneurship.


For the first time, awards will recognize two Latinas in the community

including, Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck, Community Trailblazer Award and Viola Tovar, Owner of La Puente Restaurant, Business Excellence Award.


The UHCC Annual Convention has featured a Women’s Breakfast however,

due to its success and the surge of Latina owned businesses, the event has

grown to be a stand-alone event.

The UHCC Women’s Leadership Conference is presented by Goldman Sachs

10,000 Small Businesses. It is also generously sponsored by Wells Fargo,

Ken Garff, Chrysler, Jeep Dodge, Ram of West Valley; State Farm Agent Mary

Jose Smith, Rocky Mountain Power, Allstate, MFG Law, Morgan Stanley and

General Distributing Company.


“The conference provides motivation, education and inspiration for women in

our community; it is also an enticement for women to take control of their

future,” said Yvonne Hogle, Chair of the UHCC Women’s Business Leadership Conference Committee and General Counsel for Rocky Mountain Power. “By providing education, business tools and resources we are only enhancing the

talents and abilities of Latinas in Utah, through this event we will assist

hundreds of women business owners and professionals to reach their full

business potential. We are proud to be a part of this wonderful and

productive conference.”


To register or learn more about the UHCC Women’s Business Leadership

Conference, visit our website at www.uhccwomensconference.com <http://

www.uhccwomensconference.com> or visit our Facebook page at

www.facebook.com/uhcc <http://www.facebook.com/uhcc>. For media

credential contact Jesica Rodriguez at jesica@utahhcc.com or call



About the UHCC: The Chamber was established in 1991 with a handful of

individuals who had a vision for diversity in commerce. Since then, the UHCC

has experienced significant growth and accomplishments. The UHCC has

become the largest ethnic chamber in Utah with 56 corporate sponsors, 350

affiliates and a network reaching over 11,000 individuals. The UHCC is an

influential organization representing the interest of more than 10,000

Hispanic businesses in our State. It is the voice and advocate of Hispanic

Businesses in Utah and plays a key role in coordinating and defining

common goals for the relationships between Hispanic business, community

and government.


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