2018 Bills

For Economic Vitality:

H.B. 63 -- Cosmetology and Associated Professions Amendments (Rep. Karen Kwan)

H.B. 101 -- Air Quality Emissions Testing Amendments (Rep. Patrice Arent)

H.B. 107 -- Alcoholic Beverage Proof of Age Amendments (Rep. Marie Poulson)

H.B. 117 -- Hourly Wage Increase Amendments (Rep. Brian King)

H.B. 118 -- Cash Wage Obligation Minimum for Tipped Employees (Rep. Brian King)

For Health and Public Safety:

H.B. 58 -- Traffic Control Signs for Bicycles (Rep. Carol Spackman Moss)

H.B. 64 -- Distracted Driver Amendments (Rep. Carol Spackman Moss)

H.B. 119 -- Sexual Assault Kit Processing Act Amendments (Rep. Angela Romero)

H.B. 125 -- Duty to Assist in an Emergency (Rep. Brian King)

H.B. 123 -- Child Care Licensing Amendments (Rep. Karen Kwan)

H.B. 156 -- Family Leave Amendments (Rep. Elizabeth Weight)

H.B. 165 -- Pretrial Release Amendments  (Rep. Angela Romero)

H.B. 171 -- Motor Vehicle Emissions Amendments (Rep. Angela Romero)

H.B. 189 -- Driver License Exam Revisions (Rep. Carol Spackman Moss)

H.B. 191 -- Carbon Monoxide Detector Repeal (Rep. Mark Wheatley)

H.B. 209 -- Mental Health Protections for First Responders (Rep. Karen Kwan)

H.B. 210 -- End of Life Options Act (Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck)

Identity Theft Paraphenalia Provisions (Rep. Patrice Arent)

Surrogacy Amendments (Rep. Patrice Arent)

Fireworks Revisions (Rep. Joel Briscoe)

Assisted Living Facilities Amendments (Rep. Karen Kwan)

Driving Under the Influence Amendments (Rep. Karen Kwan)

Small Claims Jurisdiction Amendments (Rep. Karen Kwan)

Municipal Fireworks Amendments (Rep. Marie Poulson)

Human Trafficking Amendments (Rep. Angela Romero)

Juvenile Human Trafficking Amendments (Rep. Angela Romero)


For Good Government:

H.B. 16 -- Candidate Replacement Amendments (Rep. Patrice Arent)

H.B. 180 -- Art Collection Committee Amendments (Rep. Patrice Arent)

H.B. 200Dentist Licensing Amendments (Rep. Marie Poulson)

H.B. 206 -Gifts to the State Amendments (Rep. Karen Kwan)

H.B. 218 -- Amendments to Voter Registration (Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck)

Concurrent Resolution Calling Upon Congress to Assure a Complete and Accurate 2020 Census (Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck)

Proposal to Amend Utah Constitution -- Removal of Elected Officials (Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck)

Ranked Choice Voting (Rep. Rebecca Chavez-Houck)

Animal Welfare Amendments (Rep. Brian King) 

Infrastructure Planning Amendments (Rep. Joel Briscoe)

For Education:

H.B. 180 -- Art Collection Committee Amendments (Rep. Patrice Arent)

House Resolution Urging Restorative Justice in Utah's Education System (Rep. Sandra Hollins)

Education Exit Surveys (Rep. Carol Spackman Moss)