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Representative Patrice Arent


HB 16: Candidate Replacement Amendments (passed)

HB 101: Air Quality Emissions Testing Amendments (passed)

HB 180: Art Collection Committee Amendments (passed)

HB 269: Identity Theft Paraphernalia Provisions (passed)

HCR 6: Concurrent Resolution Honoring Former Chief Justice Christine M. Durham (passed)

HCR 9: Concurrent Resolution Supporting Rural Development of Wind, Solar, and Geothermal Energy

Floor Sponsor

SB 26: Campaign Finance Amendments (passed)

Representative Joel Briscoe


HB 281: Voter Eligibility Amendments (passed)

HB 403: Tax Modifications 

HB 464: Affordable Housing Bond

Fireworks Revisions

Infrastructure Planning Amendments

Rural Economic Development Program

Student Assessment Modifications

Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck


HB 210: End of Life Options Act

HB 218: Amendments to Voter Registration (passed)

HB 319: Early Care and Learning Coordination Amendments 

HCR 12: Concurrent Resolution Calling upon Congress to Assure a Complete and Accurate 2020 Census (passed)

Concurrent Resolution Enhancing Quality Early Childhood Opportunities

Floor Sponsor

SCR 11: Concurrent Resolution on Awareness and Treatment of Maternal Depression and Anxiety (passed)

Representative Susan Duckworth


HB 262: Hygiene Tax Act

Representative Lynn Hemingway


Public Education Harassment Training

Representative Sandra Hollins


HR 1: House Resolution Urging Restorative Justice in Utah's Education System (passed)

Floor Sponsor

SB 214: Solicitation Amendments (passed)

Representative Brian King


HB 117: Hourly Wage Increase Amendments

HB 118: Cash Wage Obligation Minimum for Tipped Employees

HB 125: Duty to Assist in an Emergency

HB 221: Animal Welfare Act Amendments

HB 248: Compensatory Service in Lieu of Fine Amendments (passed)

Penalty Reduction Amendments

Floor Sponsor

SB 107: Third District Court Judge (passed)

SB 135: Insurance Contracts Amendments (passed)

SB 219: Court Citation Amendments

Representative Karen Kwan


HB 63: Cosmetology and Associated Professions Amendments (passed)

HB 123: Child Care Licensing Amendments (passed)

HB 206: Gifts to the State Amendments (passed)

HB 209: Mental Health Protections for First Responders

HB 263: Assisted Living Facilities Amendments (passed)

HB 345: Driving Under the Influence Amendments

Representative CArol Spackman Moss


HB 58: Traffic Control Signs for Bicycles

HB 64: Distracted Driver Amendments

HB 189: Driver License Exam Revisions (passed)

HB 289: Public Education Exit Survey

H.B. 410: Substance Abuse Treatment in County Jails

Mental Health and Addiction Assessment and Recovery Treatment Options

Floor Sponsor

SB 21: Public Safety and Firefighter Retirement Death Benefit Amendments (passed)

SB 177: Bicycle and Electric Assisted Bicycle Amendments (passed)

SB 205: Incarceration Reports (passed)

Representative Marie Poulson


HB 107: Alcoholic Beverage Proof of Age Amendments

HB 200: Dentist Licensing Amendments (passed)

Representative Angela Romero


HB 119: Sexual Assault Kit Processing Act Amendments (passed)

HB 165: Pretrial Release Amendments

HB 171: Motor Vehicle Emissions Amendments

HB 228: Child Sexual Abuse Prevention Training Amendments (passed)

HB 334: Human Trafficking Amendments

HB 447: Murder Defense Amendments

Juvenile Human Trafficking Amendments

Floor Sponsor

SB 27: Domestic Violence, Dating Violence, and Stalking Amendments (passed)

Representative Elizabeth Weight


HB 156: Family Leave Amendments

HB 273: Criminal Judgment Account Receivable Amendments (passed)

HB 351: Railroad Worker Safety Amendments

Representative Mark Wheatley


HB 191: Carbon Monoxide Detector Repeal

HB 320: Campaign Finance Modifications (passed)

HB 378: Support Special Group License Plate for Motorcycle Safety Awareness

HCR 11: Concurrent Resolution Urging Congress to Repeal the Jones Act