Happy Thanksgiving

A Thanksgiving Message From House Democratic Leader Brian King

To all those across Utah, celebrating this holiday of thanks, I want to tell you how much I care about every one of you. Sitting at our own table with my beautiful wife, our daughters, their spouses and other family members, I can only be grateful. There is no room for fear or hate on this wonderful holiday – only joy.

As Americans, we have accomplished so much since that first Thanksgiving. A mixed bag of setbacks and progress, we have learned from our rich history a respect for the pioneering spirit. As Utahns, that creative, hardy spirit is much closer to home. Many of us have family stories back through generations of the hardships it took to make our state great – of traveling to find safe havens, building cities from the dirt, struggling to provide for our families as the population grew. Those same hardships are the ones we face today. Utah continues to grow as a result of the state we have made. People are attracted to our state because of its strong values, determined work ethic, and a belief that above all else, families matter.

I look at each face in my own family. I see their strengths, their weaknesses, and how they have made my life stronger and richer. I see every brick we have laid together to create a foundation for this family that is strong and resilient. I see our children laying their own foundations with their families. As their needs change, their dreams change. My dreams have changed over the years, too. That happens for each of us as we shift our focus from ourselves to others. That’s the spirit of Thanksgiving.

I hope that this Thanksgiving finds you well. If it does not, I hope that you have or find peace. I hope that as families, as a state, and as a country, we begin to shift our focus to our own children, and to the children across the world. I hope that as we celebrate this holiday season we are able to give comfort to those in need and a little peace to those surrounded with chaos. This is the season to be a little better, a little stronger, and use what amazing gifts we have to reach out to others.

I will find a way to serve this Holiday season. I hope that you will too. God bless you.