Remembering Pearl Harbor


House Democratic Leader Brian King on Remembering Pearl Harbor

Nearly three-quarters of a century ago, 2043 people lost their lives in a terrorist attack on Pearl Harbor. A nation, without warning, killed men, women, and children not involved in a conflict that was raging around our world. Families were devastated when their loved ones were suddenly taken from them, no longer able to celebrate the Holiday season. It is, and forever will be, a day that will live in infamy.

Sadly for us as a nation and world family, that kind of infamy is becoming all too familiar. Without warning, innocent people are being attacked by terrorists who claim to follow ideologies that justify the harm they cause. There is no justification for these acts, and they are acts of war.

We are in a time of uncertainty. This day is a remembrance of those lives lost in 1941, and every life lost to terrorism since then. To remember those lives properly we need to reflect on our own history and the value we place on every member of our country whose life was cut short by such terrible acts.  We need to look into our hearts and know that while wars do happen, and terrorists do attack, we are a people with a commitment to the welfare of the human family. We do not neglect our brothers and sisters simply because they do not live in our town, state or country.  Isolation was not the answer in 1941, and it is not the answer now.