All House Dems. Honored as Business Champions

Entire House Democratic Caucus Honored as Business Champions

The entire House Democratic Caucus was honored this morning by the Salt Lake Chamber as individual Business Champions demonstrating economic leadership in making Utah a business-friendly state.

From the Salt Lake Chamber release:

‘“We deeply appreciate the tireless efforts of our Legislature in making Utah the best state for business,” said Lane Beattie president and CEO of the Salt Lake Chamber. “The decisions made this year, specifically regarding transportation and education funding, will ensure our state’s economy continues to lead the nation for decades to come.”

As Utah’s voice of business, the Salt Lake Chamber develops policies, positions, and advocates on major issues affecting Utah’s businesses and the state’s economy. During the legislative session, the Chamber’s Board of Governors’ designates the top legislation of the business community as priority votes. These priority votes determine which legislators receive recognition as “Business Champions.”’

In addition to co-sponsoring and passing business-positive legislation, Representative Patrice Arent was recognized for authoring and passing HB 198 Strengthening College and Career Readiness. Below are some photos from the event.