Rep. Chavez-Houck: Medicaid Expansion is "Pro-Life"

Representative Chavez-Houck Calls For Pro-Life Movement To Support Medicaid Expansion

A message from House Democratic Whip Rebecca Chavez-Houck:

An average of 200 people in our state are dying every year due to lack of access to health care and coverage. As such, I argue that one cannot claim to be “pro-life” and anti-healthcare.

Medicaid Expansion supports those in need without judgment to their age, ability, dependency or the beliefs of others. It provides life-saving preventative care, affordable treatments and procedures. Medicaid expansion enacts the belief that “every human being matters, and we ought to act accordingly.”

Arguing against access to health care reduces your movement to pro-birth. If one is truly pro-life, they should  live up to their commitments as pro-life advocates and instead champion efforts to pass Medicaid expansion.

Representative Chavez-Houck sits on the Health and Human Services Interim Committee, as well as the Governor’s Health Reform Task Force.