Every Kid in a Park Day!

After yesterday's heated commission meeting, we decided to follow up by celebrating "Every Kid in a Park Day" as a part of National Parks Week! 

Today is Every Kid in a Park Day - a day where we move to inspire the next generation by instilling curiosity, further understanding and fostering appreciation for diverse heritage and natural wonders of our country.

Our Dems understand the importance of getting outside and raising our kids in ways where exploration of Utah's beautiful visas become their playgrounds. Teaching children a respect and love of these historic sites allows them to inherit a spirit of conservation they would not get elsewhere.

Raising our kids in and out of these public parks lets them grow up cherishing our beautiful monuments and continuing to enjoy the outdoors.

As Utah and the rest of the country becomes more urban, it is even more vital that we share these experiences with our children.

They will be the next generation that fights for the protection of these areas, preserving them for generations to come.

No matter what you are doing, family experiences in national parks expands a child's world and allows them to ask more questions they never would have.

And it's not just about conservation - there are amazing health effects to bonding with the environment, including lower stress.

Take the pledge and find a park today!