Is the Gender Pay Gap Real?

The American Association of University Women has been looking into this issue for over 100 years. They've studied, tested, and proposed fixes for gender pay gaps that occur throughout our country. 

The gender pay gap is not a myth. It is not a part of an agenda. It is real, and it is discrimination. 

The average CEO make $13.8 million dollars - more than most of us can dream. But to put the pay gap in perspective, let's do the math!

Average CEO    $13,800,000.00
Average Female CEO    $10,902,000.00
Average Utah Female CEO    $9,246,000.00

That's a difference of $4.5 million dollars a female CEO in Utah could lose based off of issues like institutional discrimination

The average American worker makes $77,800.00 annually. Let's do that math:

Average Worker    $77,800.00
Average Female Worker    $61,462.00
Average Utah Female Worker    $52,126.00

That adds up to a loss of $25,674.00 per year for a Utah woman compared to an average worker across the country. Could you use an extra $25,000.00 for something? We know we could.


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