Answers to Your Voting Questions

Are you confused about the new vote-by-mail processes? Have questions about whether or not you are supposed to receive a ballot? Simply want to know where to go to get answers? Read on!

1. Can I still register to vote?

November 1st is the last day to register to vote online or in person at your county clerk’s office.

Election Day Registration - where you can register to vote and cast your ballot on election day - is only available in Cache, Davis, Kane, Millard, Salt Lake, San Juan, Sanpete, and Weber counties.

2. What is Vote-By-Mail?

Vote-by-mail is a process where your county clerk mails individual ballots to registered voters. Voters complete their ballots, seal it in the provided envelope, and send it back to the county clerk. 21 Utah counties are participating in vote-by-mail this year. Ballots must be POSTMARKED by November 7 to be counted.

Box Elder, Carbon, Daggett, Emery, Piute, Tooele, Utah and Washington counties are not participating in Vote-By-Mail as their main election participation. Polling places in these counties will be open on election day and can be found here.

3. Can I vote in person on Election Day?

Yes. All counties in the state of Utah will have in person voting on election day. COUNTIES PARTICIPATING IN VOTE BY MAIL HAVE CHANGED POLLING LOCATIONS. Find your location here.

4. Can I vote early in person?

In participating counties, November 4th is the last day to vote early. Click here to find your early voting location.

5. Do I need an ID to vote?

Yes. In Utah, you need to provide some form of identifications. Options are listed here.

6. What if I lost my ballot?

If you lost or never received your ballot, contact your county clerk to check your registration. A new ballot can still be sent, or you can choose to vote in person.

7. Where can I drop off my ballot?

If you wish to hand deliver your ballot, you can take it to any early voting location, vote center, ballot drop box, or the county clerk’s office. Find those locations here.

8. How do I know if my ballot was counted?

You can track your ballot here. If your ballot hasn’t been received, please contact your county clerk.

9. Can I skip races on my ballot?

If you choose to skip a race or question on your ballot, your other responses will be counted.

10. How can I find out more about who is on my ballot?

Here is a voter guide with information on individuals running for office, for a retention vote, and ballot questions.

Here is an instructional video on Utah’s voting machines.