Utah Represented by Democrats at White House Summit on Gun Violence

House Minority Leader Brian King and Representative Angela Romero represented Utah at the White House for a summit on gun violence prevention on Tuesday. 

The summit included local legislators and elected officials who are making change to protect their communities from gun violence. Representative Brian King passed a bill during the last session to gather information on gun deaths in Utah, including how people accessed the guns in the first place. This important information will be provided to legislators annually and create a base line of data that can be used to make effective, progressive policy decisions.

In his remarks during the summit, Vice President Joe Biden said "Whether we like it or not, there is a second amendment and it must be upheld."  The summit included topics such as smart gun safety and technology, gun violence and domestic abuse, and moves to improve background checks through accurate and up-to-date reporting. There was also a call by 12 Attorneys General to Congress to allow the CDC to conduct nationwide research on gun deaths. 

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