Supporting Working Utah Families

Democrats are serious about addressing the root issues for why so many women and families are forced to make difficult decisions each year when it comes to raising a child.  We need to broaden the conversation about what it means to be a pro-family state, and tackle a spectrum of economic, social, and cultural issues through good public policy. Utahns should be empowered to make the best decisions possible for themselves and their families.  

Democratic legislators held a press conference on October 7, 2019, to announce a package of pro-family legislation to be introduced in the 2020 General Legislative Session.  Here is our package of bills that will support parents and make it financially easier to raise a child in Utah, while reducing unplanned pregnancies:

Maternal Health Bill
Pregnant women are only eligible to sign up for the ACA healthcare exchange during the open enrollment period. This bill will expand Medicaid coverage for pregnant women up to 185% of the Federal Poverty level during pregnancy and encourage enrollment in the healthcare exchange after delivery.
(Rep. Suzanne Harrison)

Contraception Access Expansion
Expands contraceptive access under Medicaid to help reduce unplanned pregnancies.
(Sen. Derek Kitchen) 

Reproductive Health Resolution
Bill to ensure people have access to low cost or free contraceptives.
(Rep. Angela Romero)

Infertility Insurance Mandate
An infertility insurance mandate to support Utahns who want to have children. 
(Rep. Andrew Stoddard) 

Appropriation for Parental Health
Funds contraceptive access for birth control, STD or cancer screenings to fill the Title X shortfall for Utahns.
(Rep. Jennifer Dailey-Provost)

Sex Education Bill
Bill to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, use of pornography, and build healthy relationships.
(Sen. Kathleen Riebe)

Parental Leave Amendments
Establishes Parental Leave benefits for state employees.
(Rep. Elizabeth Weight)

Workforce Development Incentives Amendments
Allows the Governor’s Office of Economic Development to consider child care benefits for employees as a corporate recruitment criterion when considering incentives to companies.
(Rep. Suzanne Harrison)

Comprehensive Child Care Tax Credit
Pilot incentive program for businesses to receive a tax deduction for the cost of reserving spots at local high-quality child care centers for the children of employees.
(Rep. Suzanne Harrison) 

Infant at Work Program
Creates an Infant at Work pilot program for state employees.
(Rep. Stephanie Pitcher)