A Day without Immigrants - Utah's Capitol

Today, in cities across our nation, immigrants are staying home. The move is to show the current contributions immigrants make to our economy. 

In reflection of these contributions, we wanted to take a look at where we are for the long days of the legislative session, our Capitol building. 

The architect of our Capitol building was Richard Karl August Kletting, a German native who studied architecture in Europe and relocated to the United States at the age of twenty-five. While little is accessible about the workers who built the building, we do know that a large part of the funding, $800,000 of it, came from the estate of E.H. Harriman. His estate was created by the success of the Pacific Railroad - a railroad built by immigrants. 

One of the most iconic and recognizable figures on the Capitol campus - the lions - were created by sculptor Nick Fairplay to replace the original figures that had worn beyond repair. Mr. Fairplay is also an immigrant, born and raised in the United Kingdom and travelling the world in his studies before moving to the United States. 

This input in Utah's community has not stopped at the Capitol building. In 2013, immigrants comprised 10.8% of the state's workforce.  You can find more information on the contributions by immigrants to Utah here