Celebrate Black History by Passing Juneteenth

Representative Sandra Hollins spoke with us about the importance of Black History Month and passing her bill, HB 338 - Juneteenth Holiday Observance

"Black history is American History.   Black History Month allows us to celebrate and remember the many accomplishments that Blacks who helped to build and shape our Country and State. Celebrating Juneteenth Observance allows people from every culture and background to come together to celebrate the signing the Emancipation Proclamation, which change the course of America.

We all have a story to share.  We all celebrate the Pioneer’s contribution to this great State. It is well documented and I celebrate this legacy.   Yet, the contributions of many others from different cultures and religions are often loss in this celebration.  Blacks have always been involved with this community politically, socially and economically and spiritually.   

The history of Blacks in Utah is a small reflection of Blacks in the United States. Blacks became permanent residents when they traveled with the Mormon pioneers to Utah. During this time, Blacks were aware politically of what was happening in the U.S. and longed for their freedom to live their life as without fear of prosecution.

The history of diversity in our state is older than many, and defines the importance of all peoples in shaping this great state. Juneteenth can be a time where we all work together to celebrate freedom for all Americans, to shape our future and recognize our past."