Public Lands Initiative "Deeply Disappointing"

Media Advisory

For Immediate Release: January 20, 2015

Contact:       Elizabeth Converse, Communications Director

                    Utah House Democratic Caucus

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Democratic Representative Calls Utah Public Lands Initiative Deeply Disappointing

Salt Lake City – House Democratic Assistant Whip Joel Briscoe called the “Utah Public Lands Initiative” revealed today by Congressmen Chaffetz and Bishop “deeply disappointing.”

“Especially troubling,” he continued, “is the systematic removal of the requirement for Class I Airsheds in every area the PLI purports to protect. What profiteth a state to set aside pristine red rock landscapes, only to allow them to be polluted with bad air quality from drilling and mining?”

“That provision alone suggests that the real impetus behind the PLI is profit, not protection. It is not in the spirit of compromise to set aside beautiful landscapes and then pollute them. I hope that members of Congress will see this for what it is and vote it down.”