Rep. Arent to Revive Straight-Ticket Voting Bill

Media Statement 

For Immediate Release:
November 21, 2018 

Ross Chambless, Communications Specialist
Utah House Democratic Caucus
(801) 326-1568 | 

Rep. Arent to Revive Straight-Ticket Voting Bill

SALT LAKE CITY – Today Representative Patrice Arent, D – District 36, announced that she opened a bill file to eliminate straight-ticket voting (STV) in Utah. 

 “After an election that saw an unprecedented interest for a midterm, now is the time to move past this outdated voting practice,” said Rep. Arent. “Forty-two other states do not allow straight-ticket voting.  It’s time that Utah joined them.”  

Rep. Arent ran similar legislation in 2013 and again in 2016.  

Straight-ticket voting allows voters to choose a political party’s entire slate of candidates with just a single ballot mark.  Utah is one of just eight states that still allows STV, along with Alabama, Indiana, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, and South Carolina.  Texas passed legislation to eliminate it, which will take effect in 2020. Over the past two decades the number of states that allow for STV has decreased, according to The National Conference of State Legislators.

 “Straight-ticket voting denies good candidates in both parties the opportunity to receive fair consideration by voters,” added Rep. Arent. “If we want voters to be educated and hold their elected officials responsible, we ought to encourage them to learn about the candidates they are voting for and not just paint all candidates with a single partisan brush on election day.” 

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