Democratic Legislators Present $100 Million Affordable Housing Bond

Media Statement

For Immediate Release: February 28, 2018

Ross Chambless, Communications Specialist
Utah House Democratic Caucus
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Democratic Legislators Present $100 Million Affordable Housing Bond

SALT LAKE CITY— Low-income Utahns could find relief in the housing market if a $100 million affordable housing bond passes through the Legislature.

Rep. Joel Briscoe, the Utah House minority whip, is sponsoring HB 464 which issues general obligation bonds in an effort to attract affordable housing and transitional housing projects throughout the state. The Senate sponsor is Senate Minority Leader Gene Davis.

“Utah is facing a future of growth and economic prosperity but not all Utahns are finding that future accessible to them,” Rep. Briscoe said. “We’re around 47,000 units short of affordable housing right now and housing prices continue on an upward trend. If Utah wants to grow right, we need to take action to help low-income Utahns benefit from affordable housing.”

Rep. Briscoe added, “I’ve worked closely with individuals who got into transitional housing after living on the streets of Salt Lake City and spending years inside prison walls. What stops the cycle of recidivism is a place to call home.”

Sen. Davis called the bond a crucial investment.

“An investment in affordable housing is an investment in our communities,” Sen. Davis said. “Accessible affordable housing strengthens communities, schools and the wellbeing of Utahns.”

“The benefit Utah communities will see by this targeted investment in affordable housing is significant,” said Becky Pickle, Housing Policy Coordinator for Action Utah. “Utah families deserve the opportunity for stability, consistency in schools for their children, and a community to connect with.  Action Utah is encouraged by this bill and supports our legislature in voting yes for HB 464.”

The bill is awaiting a committee assignment by the House Rules Committee.