Democrats Critical of Hidden and Vague Negotiations Over Inland Port

Media Statement

For Immediate Release: June 5, 2018

Ross Chambless, Communications Specialist
Utah House Democratic Caucus
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Jon Hennington
Utah State Senate
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Democrats Critical of Hidden and Vague Negotiations Over Inland Port

SALT LAKE CITY – Today Democrats from the House and Senate expressed concern with the continued lack of transparency over negotiations between Speaker Greg Hughes and Senator Jim Dabakis for a proposed “compromise framework” for the Inland Port in Salt Lake City’s Northwest Quadrant.  

Representative Sandra Hollins, Representative Angela Romero, and Senator Luz Escamilla made the following statements:

Representative Hollins, District 23, said, “We were blindsided by this.  It is my constituents who will be directly impacted by the Inland Port, but they didn’t include us in any of these conversations.  The overall impact this will have on the surrounding neighborhoods, the traffic, the air quality, and our quality of life regionally will be significant.  We agree that an Inland Port is an important opportunity for our state. But sadly, this distracts from a healthy and robust public process.”

Representative Romero, District 26, said, “The elected leaders representing the Northwest Quadrant have been repeatedly shut out of the process. The process has not been transparent.  We appreciate that they are willing to come together and work on this. But why a press conference for show?  Why not work with their colleagues and with the City?  Part of compromise is bringing more than two people together.” 

Senator Escamilla, District 1, said, “I am disappointed to see a Senator from our own caucus who has consistently complained about backroom deals to now be doing the same thing.  How does he expect people to trust him?  It’s hypocritical.” 

Senator Escamilla added, “This is a serious discussion that will impact our future.  We are moving forward, and we will fix this.  But that will only happen if we’re inclusive and talking to each other.”  

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