Salt Lake City Democrats Vote Against Inland Port Bill

Media Statement

For Immediate Release: July 18, 2018

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Utah House Democratic Caucus
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Utah State Senate
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Salt Lake City Democrats Vote Against Inland Port Bill

SALT LAKE CITY – Today Democrats representing residents in Salt Lake City’s west side explained why they voted against HB 2001, Utah Inland Port Authority Amendments.

“We had a poor process around the Inland port bill during the session, and the process hasn’t gotten better for this legislation,” said Representative Angela Romero, District 26. “This decision will affect Salt Lake City west side residents for decades to come. I have wanted to ensure transparency, and for residents and stakeholders to be given the opportunity to provide feedback and share concerns about the long term impacts. I am disappointed this hasn’t occurred.”  

Representative Sandra Hollins, District 23, said, “Although I appreciate the Salt Lake City Council’s negotiations to improve the bill and their willingness to work with state leaders, I have concerns about the democratic process.”

“Even with the improvements, this legislation still locks Salt Lake City and other taxing entities out of having a fair share of control over its own land,” said Senator Luz Escamilla, District 1. “Compared to the process for creating the Point of Mountain Commission or the Fairpark Board this process has been wholly inadequate in deliberation and intentionality. Legislation with an impact of this magnitude should be considered during the 45-day general session and not in the few hours we have during a special session. And after hearing the frustration of my constituents that residents of the district where the inland port will be placed due to process I can’t support this bill.”

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