Democrats Call for Accountability by Religious Institutions over Allegations of Past Sexual Assault

Media Statement

For Immediate Release:
August 29, 2018

Ross Chambless, Communications Specialist
Utah House Democratic Caucus
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Democrats Call for Accountability by Religious Institutions
over Allegations of Past Sexual Assault

SALT LAKE CITY – Today Representative Brian King (D-28) and Representative Angela Romero (D-26) issued the following statements addressing recent sexual abuse allegations involving religious institutions in Utah.

“It’s troubling to hear about alleged incidents of sexual assault involving local religious institutions that may have occurred more than 30 years ago coming out now,” said Representative Brian King.  “No matter how long ago an incident may have occurred, any church that knows about sexual abuse allegations should address those allegations in a responsible, prompt and transparent manner.  Clergy too often are insulated from accountability to protect the institution rather than the victims.  I would hope our religious institutions in good conscience use their resources and authority to seek the truth, and not to cast doubt on whether any past crime occurred.”

“When allegations of sexual assault surface, we need to start by believing the alleged victim,” said Representative Angela Romero.  “All too often, these cases linger for years and sometimes decades because the trauma to the victims is too much to bear.  Addressing these crimes matters because so many people who are traumatized by sexual abuse stay in the shadows. Victims often turn to substance abuse or engage in risky behaviors to numb their pain.  Providing support and resources to survivors is critical for preventing lifelong trauma.”

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