Utah House Democratic Statement on Ongoing State Budget Negotiations

Media Statement


Monday, March 11, 2019

Ross Chambless, Communications Specialist
Utah House Democratic Caucus
(385) 228-5483 | rosschambless@le.utah.gov 

Utah House Democratic Statement on Ongoing State Budget Negotiations


SALT LAKE CITY – Utah House Democratic Leadership has the following statement regarding state budget negotiations:

Utahns are feeling whiplash from calls early in the session for big tax cuts to now hearing fears that our fiscal situation is dire because tax reform efforts stalled.  While our economy is doing well, we need to be frank and collaborative about the necessity of stabilizing our tax system. Utah House Democrats acknowledge that tax reform is pressing.  As currently constructed, sales taxes are insufficient to fund the many state programs and agencies Utahns depend on.  At the same time, the education fund generated through income tax revenue is healthy and must be protected. We do not support cutting income taxes in a way that would harm funding for education.  Instead, any budget proposal should include at least a 4 percent increase to the WPU and full funding of school growth. A strong Utah depends on an educated workforce. 

As we finalize the state’s budget in the shadow of future revenue concerns, our constituents should not be forced to worry about how it would affect their quality of life. Medicaid expansion, housing affordability, suicide prevention, and air quality programs affect all residents of the state and are vital to Utah’s prosperity. Taxpayers should not be harmed in the name of tax reform.  

We look forward to working openly with our constituents and colleagues to make this process a success.  


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