Anti-Solar Bill Condemned by State Legislator

Media Statement

For Immediate Release: November 15, 2016

Contact:              Elizabeth Converse, Communications Director

                              Utah House Democratic Caucus

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Anti-Solar Bill Condemned by State Legislator

Salt Lake City - Representative Joel Briscoe spoke against a bill that would scale back and eventually end state tax credits to Utahns who install or use solar panels. The bill, proposed by Representative Jeremy Peterson, was heard this morning in Interim Revenue and Taxation and adopted as a committee bill - fast tracking it through the legislative process.

Rep. Briscoe said, “Every Utah energy source used to produce power has tax incentives. Focusing narrowly on one renewable energy source ignores the wealth of positives that are produced by tax credits for renewable energy.

We should carefully review the state’s support for all our energy industries, not just a select few. We need to approach these kinds of credits, and the future of our energy plan in Utah, as a transitional period. We need to be doing more, not less, for the health and economic success of the people and neighborhoods we represent.

By making this legislation a committee bill, the committee avoids addressing the bigger picture - that solar and renewable energies create good-paying jobs in our state, promote clean air and clean energy, and are an overall net positive.”