Election Day Registration Still Available in Vote By Mail Counties

Media Statement

For Immediate Release: October 26, 2016

Contact:                              Elizabeth Converse, Communications Director

                                             Utah House Democratic Caucus

                                             801-835-7087 | econverse@le.utah.gov

Election Day Registration Still Available in Vote By Mail Counties

Salt Lake City - Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck today reminded voters that Election Day registration - the ability to register to vote and vote on Election Day - still exists in counties with changed polling locations due to new mail in ballot procedures. Those counties include Salt Lake, Cache, Davis, Kane, Millard, San Juan, Sanpete, and Weber.

This option is part of a three-year pilot project aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of and administrative impact on local elections when provisional ballots are used as both registration and ballot for new voters.  Chavez-Houck intends on running legislation to make this option permanent in the 2017 General Session.   A number of county clerks who were initially apprehensive about the pilot now support the option.

Representative Chavez-Houck said, “Voting, being a voter, engaging in the political process, is the most effective way to have your voice heard in government. While we encourage new voters to register prior to Election Day in order to avoid having to cast a provisional ballot, I also realize the importance of providing a “fail safe” for citizens who have recently moved to Utah or who for one reason or another are not on the voter rolls on Election Day.  If you live in one of these eight counties, and are not registered as of Election Day, you can go to a polling location with valid ID and register, and cast a provisional ballot. This is your right. Help us protect it - use it.”

Voters in any of these counties can take photo identification with their current address or two alternate forms of identification with their name and address to a polling location and request a provisional ballot. That ballot can be cast and will be counted during the canvass, once it is determined to be valid and the voter eligible to vote.