House Democrat Calls Out Colleagues for Political Pandering

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For Immediate Release: April 20 , 2016

Contact:            Elizabeth Converse, Communications Director

                   Utah House Democratic Caucus

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House Democrat Calls Out Colleagues for Political Pandering

Salt Lake City - House Democratic Assistant Whip Joel Briscoe spoke plainly about his colleagues on the Commission for the Stewardship of Public Lands before their meeting this morning.


He said, “It seems the goal of the Commission is to cast meaningless votes like U.S. Congress does. We are becoming more and more like Congress, where scoring political talking points is more important than creating good public policy. Voting to waste taxpayer dollars on constitutional dead ends by suing the federal government does not help Utahns.


We have twelve different taxpayer funded organizations dealing with issues related to public lands. Twelve. Taxpayers are paying for all these groups, whether they are aware or not, all the while they are lukewarm on the issue. The job of government, whether federal or state, is to find solutions, not create problems. I cannot in good conscience vote for anything that wastes more taxpayer money like this.”