Utahns Invited to Weigh in on Ranked Choice Voting Bill

Media Statement

For Immediate Release: February 14, 2017

Contact:       Elizabeth Converse, Communications Director

                    Utah House Democratic Caucus

                    801-835-7087 | econverse@le.utah.gov

Utahns Invited to Weigh in on Ranked Choice Voting Bill

Salt Lake City – House Democratic Representative Rebecca Chavez-Houck today invited her legislative colleagues and members of the public to weigh in on legislation that would potentially create a statewide ranked choice voting (RCV) system. RCV would allow voters to rank multiple candidates in order of preference.

Representative Chavez-Houck said, “Voters throughout the state experienced significant frustrations in recent elections.  While many are focusing on changing political party processes and make-up, ranked voting allows all voters, regardless of affiliation, to have a say in our elections. Ranked voting creates opportunities for representation that most reflects the spectrum and diversity of voters and opinions in our state. It solves problems of plurality and can increase turnout, which Utah needs. Utahns deserve to be invested in their government, to feel that their vote counts.”

Representative Chavez-Houck offered the survey today as part of a ranked choice voting national day-of-action sponsored by FairVote. FairVote is a non-partisan, 501(c)(3)h non-profit organization that seeks to make democracy fair, functional, and more representative.

A brief video explaining the process of RCV can be found here. The survey will be tabulated using ranked choice voting and results posted later on www.utahhousedemocrats.org. More information about RCV can be found on the FairVote website: http://www.fairvote.org/rcv#rcvbenefits.