Study on Gun Violence In Utah Moves Forward

Media Statement

For Immediate Release: March 2, 2016

Contact:         Elizabeth Converse, Communications Director
                       Utah House Democratic Caucus
                       801-835-7087 | econverse@le.utah.gov

Representative Proposes Research on Gun Deaths in Utah
Salt Lake City - House Democratic Leader Brian King presented House Bill 440 - Suicide Prevention and Gun Data Study to Utah House Law Enforcement Standing Committee today. The bill authorizes data to be gathered on suicides and gun deaths in Utah, and for that data to be reported to the Health and Human Services Interim Committee.

Representative King stated, “On this point I couldn’t agree with the Speaker more - to make good decisions we need good data. We need to know the details of suicides and gun deaths in our state to really determine what problem we have and how to properly address it. Anecdotes and assumptions do us no good here. We need facts to determine solid, reliable solutions.”

The bill passed committee unanimously.