House Democrats Urge Utah’s Senators to Oppose the Tax Reform Bill

Media Statement

 For Immediate Release: November 29, 2017

 Contact:               Ross Chambless, Communications Director
                              Utah House Democratic Caucus
                              801-326-1568 |

 House Democrats Urge Utah’s Senators to Oppose the Tax Reform Bill

Salt Lake City - Today the Utah House Democratic Caucus sent a letter to Senators Hatch and Lee urging them not to support the current tax reform bill now being considered by the U.S. Senate:

“We oppose this tax reform bill for two key reasons.

First, this bill will raise taxes on Utah working families earning less than $75,000 according to the Congressional Budget Office analysis. To permanently cut taxes for the wealthiest individuals and corporations while only temporarily giving a tax break to the great majority of Utah’s working families, including individuals below the poverty line, is contrary to longstanding Utah values and undermines future economic vitality for our constituents.

Second, this tax reform bill will increase to an even greater extent an already catastrophic national budget deficit.  Adding $1.4 trillion more to the debt over the next decade is deeply irresponsible public policymaking, and it runs counter to the values of Utah voters and Utah legislators. We believe in fiscal responsibility and balancing budgets, not in profligate spending.  

It is clear that this bill is engineered to benefit only the wealthiest of Americans and corporations while hurting working families.  It also cuts healthcare tax credit support for low-income working Americans that will lead to higher health insurance premiums. To argue that this tax reform bill is anything other than a reckless giveaway to the rich is misleading and disgraceful. 

While there are other aspects of the bill that are also against the public interest, these two reasons alone justify the Utah House Democrats asking that you vote against this tax reform bill.”  


Removal of Hygiene Tax Fails in Committee

Media Statement
For Immediate Release:
February 10, 2016
Contact:          Elizabeth Converse, Communications Director
                        Utah House Democratic Caucus
                        801-835-7087 |
Democrat Proposes Removal of Sales Tax on Hygiene Products Fails In Committee

Salt Lake City - House Democratic Representative Sue Duckworth presented H.B. 202 - Hygiene Tax Act before the Utah House Revenue and Taxation Committee Today. The bill would remove sales tax from necessary items like diapers, incontinence items, and feminine hygiene products. Representative Duckworth spoke about the impact that these taxes can have for the purchasing power of families or individuals on a fixed income.

She said “These are not luxuries, these are necessities. Men, women and children all use these products at some point in their lives. $50 a year may not mean much to some of the legislators hearing the bill, but it means groceries for a young family - or the difference of paying bills on time to someone on a fixed income. If you have ever been a parent or cared for one, you know how quickly these expenses can add up. I am simply trying to give people who are doing everything they can for their loved ones a little bit more power for their dollar.”

The bill failed on a vote of three to eight in House Revenue and Taxation Committee.