Vaccination Bill Held in Committee

Media Statement
For Immediate Release: February 16, 2016
Contact:          Elizabeth Converse, Communications Director
                        Utah House Democratic Caucus
                        801-835-7087 |
Vaccination Bill Held In Committee

Salt Lake City - House Democratic Representative Carol Spackman Moss presented H.B. 221 - Immunization of Students Amendments, a bill that creates an educational module for parents requesting a personal exemption. The bill makes no adjustments to fees or exemptions themselves, but only creates a video that would inform parents on how to protect their child in the event of an outbreak.

She said, “This is a necessary step to protect our children. Parents have a right to exempt their children from vaccinations, but they need to have all the information on what to do if an outbreak occurs. We have had this happen in our state. We have had children and adults been put at risk simply because people didn’t have the information they needed. There is an easy fix - give them the information and make everyone, including those children, a little bit safer.”


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