Democrats Reverse Course on Count My Vote Compromise Amendments

Media Statement
For Immediate Release: February 18, 2016
Contact:          Elizabeth Converse, Communications Director
                        Utah House Democratic Caucus
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Democrats Reverse Course on Count My Vote Amending Legislation
Salt Lake City - House Democratic Leader Brian King issued the following statement after the Utah House Democratic Caucus reversed course and voted against House Bill 48 - Election Law Amendments.

“There is a major difference between the first version of this bill, which we supported, and the current version of the bill, which we oppose. This version of the bill explicitly gives a political party in Utah the right to exclude unaffiliated voters from its primary election. There is absolutely no excuse for members of this legislature to wholly dismiss and disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of unaffiliated Utah voters. These Utahns have a right to vote, and we are committed to protecting that right. Legislators continue to talk only about a candidate's path to the ballot. It is time to pay attention to the real issue - a Utahn’s ability to vote. We should be eliminating barriers, not erecting them.”