2016 Bill Tracker

View our 2016 Bill Tracker to see how we're working to improve the lives of Utahns this legislative session.

Democratic Vision

Utah’s demographics are changing at a rapid pace. This change is opening doors and providing new opportunities for growth in our state. Utah Democrats support this growth by recognizing and encouraging new benefits. We recognize that as legislators, we are responsible for what happens to your tax dollars. As Democrats we are calling for deliberative and thoughtful review to determine the best and most profitable ways for Utahns to support our economy. We understand the difficulty of finding quality meaningful work and support measures to provide fair pay to all Utahns, pulling Utah out of the bottom rung of employment, and supporting Utah families.

 These concerns are familiar to people all across the state. Utahns daily question the quality of their lives in Utah, and whether or not they have the opportunities to make a positive impact. Opportunity is the true path to economic and social success in Utah. So often we are out of control of our current circumstances, as many have felt as we continue to grow through the most recent recession. But there are many opportunities that we can ensure for our current and future generations that will spur economic growth, provide safety and security for families, and restore and rebuild the trust placed in us as your elected representatives.

 Utah started out as a vision of great leaders, traveling here to build the sanctuary that they so desperately wanted. Utah is our sanctuary now, passed down to use from those great pioneers. As their land of opportunity, it offered freedoms found nowhere else in the country. They built this land up from nothing, instituting education systems, taxation, relevant government that was open and accessible to the public. As our land of opportunity, it is our responsibility to invest in those things we know are good and true-our future, our families, and our community. 


It is our responsibility to provide a good education to all Utah children, and to get them to graduation day. We need to be teaching children how to learn, and ensuring that their education is the best in the world, not just the country.. We believe in programs that bring training into our schools, encourage the inquisitive spirit in our youth, and give them the confidence to successfully pursue college and beyond. We believe in supporting our teachers, with adequate funding, access to professional development, and mentors for the newest in the field. We believe in helping parents by giving them access to these teachers and schools, and letting them know the best ways that they can be involved in their communities to help their children.

Health and Public Safety

Utah faces a very peculiar problem-our air is getting worse, and our options to combat the side effects are being stripped from us. Expanding healthcare access to over a hundred thousands of our neighbors has been relentlessly put on hold. Our state is losing out on $4 million a month that would help put all these health problems into perspective, create jobs, and safeguard our most vulnerable populations. Your Democratic Representatives are working hard to ensure that all Utahns have the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life, free from the fears of imminent injury or illness.

Economic Mobility

Utah’s demographics are changing at a rapid pace. This change provides new opportunities for entrepreneurs to Utah’s service and product offerings. Using innovative ideas like “economic gardening” in rural areas to supporting start-ups in diverse communities is a top priority for Democrats. Unfortunately, this booming economic change is not always positive. Utah still ranks 48th in the nation for pay equality-meaning we leave our working mothers in the dust. It is imperative that all legislators work towards supporting local economic efforts and ensure that all Utahns are provided the same opportunities for economic success.