Democratic Vision: How We Work for You

Utah’s demographics are changing. Our population is growing. Our world is ever more complex and challenging. Utah's House Democrats see new opportunities to improve our state government, our education, our health and public safety, and our economic vitality.

As legislators, we work for you, to ensure state government is open and accountable to the needs of all Utah citizens. We work to ensure the state responsibly manages your tax dollars and maintains a healthy economy. We work to represent hardworking Utah families. We work to ensure all Utah children have the best opportunities to learn, grow, and advance onto happy and successful careers. We work for fairness and equal treatment for all. We work to protect the most vulnerable among us, and to ensure all citizens can enjoy a safe and healthy environment. We work to keep our air clean, and our rivers flowing. We work to keep Utah beautiful. We work to keep Utah wonderful. We work to get things done. Your Utah House Democrats work for progress, unity, and opportunity, because that's what Utahns value.  

Good Government

A good government is open, ethical, and transparent. A good government serves the people fairly, and is committed to inclusion, equality and justice for all. A good government preserves opportunities for all to pursue happiness and prosperity. It means a government that operates efficiently, without waste. It means that regulations, when appropriate, are necessary in order to ensure that ourselves, our families, and our children are kept safe and healthy.  It means respect for a sound process in gathering and understanding data as we make momentous policy decisions that impact all of us. A good government respects the pursuit of truth.  A good government cares for our public lands and environment.  And, a good government should ensure that all traditions, cultures, and religions, and opinions are heard and respected.    


It is our responsibility to provide the highest quality education possible to all Utah children, to help them through to graduation, and onto successful careers.  We believe all families deserve high quality childcare. We believe young, developing minds need educational programs that encourage creativity, basic problem-solving skills, critical thinking, and wonder.  We believe all youth deserve equal opportunities to learn and develop necessary skills to pursue higher education, or a trade school, and beyond. We believe in supporting our teachers with adequate funding, access to professional development, and mentors. We believe in empowering parents with access to teachers and schools, and encouraging parents to engage in the learning experience. 

Health and Public Safety

Air quality is a complex challenge for Utah that has serious health and economic consequences.  Addressing it effectively will require good policy, technological innovations, and new lifestyle solutions. Moreover, expanding healthcare access to hundreds of thousands of our neighbors needs to happen now, not later.  Addressing air quality and properly caring for our most vulnerable populations will create jobs, and make our communities safer and more resilient. Your Democratic Representatives are working hard to ensure that all Utahns have the opportunity to live a happy and healthy life, free from fears of imminent injury or illness.

Economic Vitality

Utah’s demographics are rapidly changing. Our changing and growing population means new and exciting opportunities for entrepreneurship and economic mobility for all Utahns. Democrats strive to encourage Utah's "entrepreneurial ecosystem" as well as support economic resiliency for rural areas and diverse communities. Utah still lags behind in pay equity for women. Working mothers deserve more recognition and support.  It is imperative that all legislators work towards improving local economic efforts, and ensure that all Utahns have the same opportunities for economic success.